Frequently Asked Questions

→ Your hospital/clinic should go for the various benefits that our digital system offers, some are listed below:
  • A manual system is time-consuming due to repetitive tasks and is inconvenient
  • Using our system, managing data becomes easy, also saves a lot of resources and time.
  • Most of the Manual works will be cut off by automation.

→ Our system has a lot of useful features, some of them are being listed below:
  • Accounts & Transactions
  • Billings
  • Day Sheet and Summary
  • Laboratory and Reports
  • Appointments
  • Patient & Doctor Management

  • As our system is hosted in a reliable and secured cloud hosting there is no chance of threats
  • Our system uses SSL layer (HTTPS protocol) and is end-end encrypted

→ It is a fact that each hospital/clinic has its own set of requirements. So, we offer system customization as per the agreement made with the organization.

→ A person with basic computer knowledge can be trained by our trainer for operating the system. Your Organization need not allocate an IT specialists for this due to the easy and self-explanatory user interface of our system. Moreover, we will provide well explaining manual documentation as well as video tutorials.

→ The cost of training and support is included in the agreement.