The report management part stores the already processed detailed information. This module helps management collect, analyze and view the performance data in a comprehensive format. Report of patients’ balance and fee charges, report of doctors’ payments, and the report of inventories can be viewed and printed using the Reports module. Filter options are available to filter the patients, doctors, date interval, payment date, etc.


New patients can be registered in the system. An electronic medical record system is in-built which stores all the basic and medical details of the patient including unique registration number, patient name, age, gender, contact number, registration date, and respective doctors for consultation. Once registered, patient information can be managed through the module.

Appointments and Scheduling

The Appointment & Scheduling module of PRISPITALS is designed to manage the effective scheduling of appointments of patients for the doctors and laboratory services. It helps to organize the availability of medical specialists at any convenient time.


The lab management module shows the test results of the particular patient. The lab data can be viewed by the staff and generated for the patients’ reports. It is usually integrated with other modules for the better overall functionality of the system.


The inventory management module controls the amount of clinic inventory. The entire supply chain is automated for the convenience of the staff to manage the inventory of the health institution.


A separate automated Billing module is developed for billing purposes. Prispitals help to sum up all the expenses of a patient at one time and produce a complete bill at the end of the consultation or at discharge. This saves time and effort for generating bills and maintaining account information.


The accounting module organizes the financial affairs of both customers and the medical institution. It stores and presents all the patient payment details, hospital financial records on expenses, and overall profit. The account information can be filtered date-wise.


Users module helps to manage the system users and assign the permission of the system according to their role. Roles can be created according to the necessity of the health institution and users can be assigned the desired role by the administrator.